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February 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agricultural value chains and their potential for youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

This GREAT Insights Magazine edition of February/March 2017 has a thematic focus on youth employment in fragile countries. It brings together a range of perspectives on the pressing question of how better to promote youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Agriculture is mentioned as one of the most promising sectors in most fragile and conflict-affected environments. »

January 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions

This discussion paper explores how the amount of land youth expect to inherit affects their migration and employment decisions in rural Ethiopia. By using panel data from 2010 and 2014 it is found that larger expected land inheritance significantly lowers the likelihood of long-distance permanent migration and of permanent migration to urban areas. »

Thirteenth F&BKP Newsletter
May 27, 2016News
Thirteenth F&BKP Newsletter

In the May newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), you can find two new event reports: one about the recently held stakeholder workshop on micronutrient management and another about the Food and Nutrition Security Exchange days for FNS policy staff working in The Hague and Dutch Embassies. You can also read the discussion »

From food security towards a resilient society
May 19, 2016Study
From food security towards a resilient society
Theme: Food security and stability

The discussion paper “From food security towards a resilient society” aims to provide an overview on linkages between food security and stability and to look for evidence that supports the assumption that food security interventions contribute to stability. The conclusion of this article is that there exists a significant research gap in providing empirical evidence »