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Building resilience for Palestinian farmers
March 30, 2015Expert opinion
Building resilience for Palestinian farmers

Resilience is probably one of the most fashionable terminologies in today’s humanitarian and developmental debates. According to the OECD Development Assistance Committee, resilience means that states can better withstand environmental, political, economic and social shocks and stresses. It is about the ability of households, communities and nations to absorb and recover from shocks, whilst positively »

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation - Round 4 open
March 19, 2015News
Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation – Round 4 open

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation released its fourth request for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to commercialize agricultural technologies in smallholder markets in Feed the Future countries. Partnering for Innovation Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation is a USAID funded program focused on finding and commercializing agricultural technologies that can help improve the lives of smallholder farmers. The »

Vacancy Director General at AVRDC
March 10, 2015News
Vacancy Director General at AVRDC

AVRDC, the World Vegetable Center (Taiwan), has a vacancy for a new Director General to lead the institution to a new level of research excellence strengthened by partnerships with public, nongovernmental, and private sector organizations worldwide. The current Director General, Dr. Dyno Keatinge, will retire in April 2016 after eight years in the position. AVRDC aims »

March 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
The Gender advantage: women on the front line of climate change

This report compiles the experiences of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in their work to close the gender gap and mobilise women in climate change adaptation programmes and projects. The paper shows that successful adaptation to climate change means recognizing the role of women smallholder farmers. »

March 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Insight into social lending and direct-to-farmer finance for smallholder farmers

The Initiative for Smallholder Finance is a multi-donor effort designed to demonstrate how specific products and services can expand the reach of financing for smallholder farmers. They have published several briefings which provide insight into targeted market research, product development and testing and investment facilitation in the smallholder finance market. »

Second round of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
February 20, 2015News
Second round of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

The second round of the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) Agribusiness Africa Window (AAW) is currently open for applications until February 28, 2015. The AECF is a special fund that supports business ideas across Africa. The AECF AAW 2nd round will support business ideas in the fields of agribusiness, financial services and value chains which »