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August 26, 2020Knowledge Portal
PIM Annual Report 2019

The 2019 Annual Report showcases key outputs and outcomes achieved by PIM during the year. PIM research informed agricultural policies or investment plans, contributed to the scaling up of programmes and shaped strategic decisions. »

August 25, 2020Knowledge Portal
Science of scaling: Connecting the pathways of agricultural research and development for improved food, income and nutrition security

This special issue takes stock of how the world of agricultural research for development (AR4D) is engaging with scaling in theory and practice in the context of increased pressure to demonstrate impact. The 10 publications cut agross three categories: 1) Understanding the scaling trajectory retrospectively form a longer term, systems perspective; 2) Understanding scaling of innovation retrospectively as part of shorter term AR4D interventions; 3) Conceptual or methodological approaches aimed at guiding scaling prospectively. »

GCP-4 factsheet midterm findings: Climate-Smart Financial Diaries
June 2, 2020Research project
GCP-4 factsheet midterm findings: Climate-Smart Financial Diaries

“Climate-Smart Financial Diaries for Scaling in Kenya” is a Global Challenges Programme (GCP) project which received funding in the fourth call and has published its midterm research findings. »

March 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Understanding agriculture fintechs’ business models: Agri-Wallet service delivery model case study

This blog evaluated Agri-wallet’s business model and identified opportunities for Agri-wallet to scale sustainably while creating positive returns for its farmer, small and medium enterprises customers, and investors. Agri-wallet is an innovative agriculture fintech in Kenya that provides supply chain finance to insure that all actors in the value chain can access the resources they need to grow and scale. »

Applied Research Fund country workshop in Benin
November 15, 2019Knowledge activity
Applied Research Fund country workshop in Benin

An Applied Research Fund (ARF) country workshop will take place in Benin on November 20 to 22, 2019. Most of the eleven ARF projects running in Benin have finalized or are about to be finished. They will share their lessons learned and discuss issues related to result uptake and scaling opportunities. »

Circular Agriculture in Low and Middle Income Countries
October 16, 2019Study
Circular Agriculture in Low and Middle Income Countries

There is potential for the agrifood sector in low and middle income countries to promote and implement circular agriculture as part of an approach to foster the sustainability of the food system. This would help achieving various sustainable development objectives at the same time. This paper is based on a literature study exploring the concept »