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September 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Regionalisation in poultry development in Eastern Africa

 This study and learning trajectory by WUR and NABC analyses the way in which national poultry value chains in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda are influenced by the dependency on inputs from and market outlets in other countries in the region. »

September 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
The long tail of the seed industry

This blog discusses the importance of smaller regional seed companies in the delivery and adoption of new technologies to smallholder farmers. Within the seed industry there is a small group of big global players and a long tail of smaller regional, national and niche players. »

February 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
Global crop prices below last year’s levels, some spikes at the country level

his article on the Food Security Portal states that international cereal prices remain significantly below last year’s levels due to abundant global supplies and strong export competition. While the Food Price Monitoring and Analysis of FAO shows that cereal prices are low, the regional story is more mixed. Grain prices continued to decline in most West African countries, but maize prices have soared throughout southern Africa, particularly South Africa and Malawi. »

February 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Local food for global future : Classification, governance and knowledge for sustainable food security

Starting from recently published articles and new research this book presents a structured approach, which offers opportunities and challenges for local and regional food systems, that we see re-emerging globally. Based on a new classification of local food systems the book goes into adequate governance structures. This is demonstrated by a number of examples chosen from all over the world. »

Employment generation in inclusive value chains in agriculture
July 9, 2015News
Employment generation in inclusive value chains in agriculture

Integrating Africa’s smallholder farmers into global markets is seen as an effective way to create better jobs and reduce poverty. But what about the complex policy-context in which this potential is to be realized? »

Overview of stakeholders on regional trade for food security
December 16, 2014Study
Overview of stakeholders on regional trade for food security
Theme: Regional Trade for Food Security

The list presented here provides an overview of relevant actors that are involved in the development of regional markets for food and nutrition security in one way or another. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Readers of this site are kindly invited to share suggestions for additional actors and networks that they »