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August 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
Community innovations in sustainable land management

This book analyses community initiatives in sustainable land management in four contrasting African countries. It is increasingly recognized that land can be managed most sustainable through involving local communities. This book highlights the potential of a new methodology of uncovering and stimulating community initiatives through analyzing the countries Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and Uganda. »

August 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
State of the world’s forests 2016

This report by FAO explores the challenges and opportunities represented by the complex interrelationship between forests, agriculture and sustainable development. It demonstrates that the sustainable management of both forests and agriculture, and their integration in land-use plans, is essential for achieving the SDGs, ensuring food security and tackling climate change. »

Farmers are cherishing their trees again
December 14, 2015Expert opinion
Farmers are cherishing their trees again
Theme: Soil Management

Sixth article in the IYS 2015 series. Success stories from Nigeria, China and Ethiopia have proven that it takes 20 years to turn deforested and depleted soil back to green and fertile land, giving its people a future again. Ensuring farmers ownership of trees and land is crucial. »

July 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Scaling up Regreening: Six steps to success: A practical approach to forest and landscape restoration

This report by the World Resources Institute sets out a six-step framework for scaling up regreening, each step accompanied by a list of practical, on-the-ground activities to guide development practitioners and regreening advocates. Regreening occurs at the landscape level through a variety of agroforestry and sustainable land management practices. »