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ARF-3 factsheet: ERIGNU in Uganda
June 5, 2019Research project
ARF-3 factsheet: ERIGNU in Uganda

Please download the factsheet with midterm results of the Applied Research Fund Call 3 project. »

June 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Towards sustainable global food systems: Conceptual and policy analysis of agriculture, food and environmental linkages

This book promotes the view that sustainable food systems requires thorough insights into the structure and dynamics of agro-food production systems, the drivers for integrating food value chains and markets, and key incentives for supporting healthier consumer choices. The contributed papers focus on interfaces between food system activities and processes of adaptive change that are critical for overcoming key constraints and trade-offs between sustainable food and healthy diets. »

November 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
An assessment of constraints faced by the farmers in peri-urban vegetable cultivation

This article identifies key production constraints faced in peri-urban vegetable cultivation in India. The constraints in practicing peri-urban agriculture were enlisted from practicing farmers, agricultural scientists, and also from literature. Further, all the identified constraints were categorized into five groups: technological, economic, labour, marketing and environmental constraints. »

March 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Milking the data: Measuring milk off-take in extensive livestock systems. Experimental evidence from Niger

This article argues that our understanding of the role of dairy production in livelihoods and nutritional outcomes is hindered by the lack of decent quality household survey data. It shows that reasonably accurate estimates via recall methods are possible, and provides a clear ranking of questionnaire design options that can inform future survey operations. While milk is an important source of cash and nutrients for many households in developing countries, data on milk off-take for human consumption are often difficult to collect in household surveys. »

Fresco: New Enlightenment of our times
September 2, 2014News
Fresco: New Enlightenment of our times

On Monday September 1, 2014 Wageningen UR celebrated the Opening of its Academic Year 2014/2015. This year, the programme included an address by Professor Louise Fresco, the new Chair of the Executive Board, as well as contributions by students and researchers. In her first official speech the new Chair gave her views on the role »

PPPs: listen to the farmers
March 25, 2014Expert opinion
PPPs: listen to the farmers
Theme: Partnerships

Assuming a joint approach would unleash agricultural potential and strengthen the market, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have dominated global food security strategies. The debate highlights several strategies, for example, focusing on the local effects of knowledge-sharing through PPP networks, advocating linkages between sectors, or optimizing trade in a corridor approach. Within these approaches there is »