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February 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Potato seed systems

This article states that good quality seed is almost universally considered a requirement for high productivity in all potato production systems. Potato seed sector development is thus a major concern of governments, researchers, development agencies, and civil society organizations. »

June 4, 2019Knowledge Portal
Assessment of opportunities for Burundian small-scale potato farmers to increase productivity and income

This research assessed the impact of the main factors contributing to yield improvement of potatoes: improved varieties, healthier seed, better stored seed, late blight disease control and fertilisation. It was shown that it is possible to double yields and economic returns under the growing conditions in Burundi when growers plant healthy pre-sprouted seed of a new variety and apply chemical fertilisers and fungicides. »

January 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Impact of positive selection on incidence of different viruses during multiple generations of potato seed tubers in Uganda

This article assesses to what extent positive selection over several seasons can reduce six different virus incidences in seed lots of different starting quality in Southwestern Uganda. The results clearly show that crops planted with seeds from positive selection have a reduced virus incidence compared to those from farmers’ selection when the treatments are applied over multiple (in this case, three) seasons, thereby reducing the level of secondary infection in the next-season crop. »

August 23, 2018Knowledge Portal
How big is the potato yield gap in Sub-Saharan Africa and why? A participatory approach

This study is an attempt to develop an innovation consultation approach for yield gap assessment in sub-Saharan Africa, based on syngergies between modelling techniques and historical non-published data of potato experiments. Poor quality seed and bacterial wilt were the main yield gap drivers. »

AGRI-QUEST report documentary 2016-2019
May 24, 2018Research project
AGRI-QUEST report documentary 2016-2019

The Applied Research Fund project “Strengthening Agribusiness Ethics, Quality standards and ICT Usage in Uganda’s Value Chains (AGRI-QUEST)” has published a documentary which shows the progress of the project implementation. »

ARF-1 factsheet: More potatoes – Secure food in Burundi
February 8, 2018Research project
ARF-1 factsheet: More potatoes – Secure food in Burundi

Please download the factsheet with end results of the Applied Research Fund Call 1 project. »