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January 22, 2019Knowledge Portal
When food crosses borders: Paradigm shifts in China’s food sectors and implications for Vietnam

This article aims to provide a preliminary overview of the macro trends that are emerging in regard to Chinese food security strategy at the national level and the food preferences at the household level and its implications for Vietnam. »

October 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
The human factor in development cooperation: An effective way to deal with unintended effects

This article argues that following the human stories in development policy and implementation can offer surprising insights into why at times policies may work or not work. Too often the human factor is relegated to an input or an externality in a quasi-technical process for transforming public funds into measurable results. »

November 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Multi-level advocacy for nutrition

This report by IDS identifies opportunities and constraints as well as key factors either fostering Multi-level Advocacy (MLA) or explaining its absence, in situations of high levels of malnutrition. This report contributes to debates about how to build both momentum and action for nutrition through advocacy and other means and, more generally, to the literature on policy advocacy in developing countries. »

November 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Improved metrics and data are needed for effective food system policies in the post-2015 era

This Global Panel’s technical brief (PDF) argues that the research community and governments need to work together to develop better ways to collect data which focuses on the nutritional impacts of food policy interventions. The brief is aimed at analysts, statistical experts and decision makers who use evidence to guide their policy choices. »

October 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Report of INCLUDE’s working conference on building policy-knowledge communities on ‘productive employment in horticultural value chains’

To build policy-knowledge communities in Africa, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies (INCLUDE) organised a two-day working conference in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference, held on 11-12 May 2015, brought together about 70 policy stakeholders, including Platform members, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from international development organisations and NGOs from Africa and beyond. A policy-knowledge communities »

June 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
How do governments respond to food price volatility?

A collaborative project between Cornell University, University of Copenhagen, and UNU-WIDER on the political economy of food price policy studied how selected governments responded to increasing food price volatility, and explains why they responded as they did. On the basis of the findings from the 16 study countries, eight policy recommendations are given. »