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organic yields

January 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agriculture and climate change

This issue covers the topic climate change. Agriculture has been one of the most complex topics in climate negotiations. Agriculture is a major contributing factor to climate change; at the same time, it is one of the areas most affected by climate change, which is jeopardizing global food security. »

December 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture

This article presents findings of a food systems model that addresses agronomic characteristics of organic agriculture to analyze the role that organic agriculture could play in sustainable food systems. Organic agriculture is proposed as a promising approach to achieving sustainable food systems, but its feasibility is also contested. »

May 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Diversification practices reduce organic to conventional yield gap

This article by a group of researchers, published in Proceedings B by Royal Society, compares organic and conventional yields by using a new meta-dataset and a new hierarchical analytical framework that can better account for the heterogeneity and structure in the data. Their main finding is that organic yields are only 19.2% (±3.7%) lower than »