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Market systems development in fragile and conflict-affected settings
April 20, 2020Knowledge activity
Market systems development in fragile and conflict-affected settings
Theme: Food security and stability

What is Market Systems Development, how does it work in fragile settings, and what are lessons from its application in contexts like north Uganda, northeast Nigeria and Syria? This was the central focus of the last meeting of the Community of Practice on food security & stability, held on January 21, 2020. Thirty participants joined the workshop, co-organized with Mercy Corps which shared its experiences with this approach. »

Market Transformation Workshop, 2017 in Bangladesh
March 2, 2017Knowledge activity
Market Transformation Workshop, 2017 in Bangladesh

This Market Transformation Workshop took place mid-February 2017, in the context of the MoU between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and World Bank Group on transformative change needed for agricultural growth as well as food and nutrition security. »

June 22, 2016Knowledge Portal
Investing to nourish India’s cities

This report investigates India’s challenges with regard to ensuring urban food security and the difference among urban resident groups in food security status. India is forecast to experience the largest increase in urban population of any country in the world. Cities are important for India’s economy and provide higher incomes, support increased consumption and access to quality food options. However, much of urban India is considered highly or moderately food insecure. »

May 9, 2016Knowledge Portal
A crop of one’s own? Women’s experiences of cassava commercialization in Nigeria and Malawi

This article elaborates on women’s experiences and the benefits from cassava commercialization. Improving the effectiveness of agricultural markets for economic growth and poverty reduction has been a central focus for development initiatives, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Narratives often equate commercialization of cassava to benefits for women. However, little is known about whether or how women can engage with new cassava commercial opportunities and the livelihood outcomes from this, particularly given the importance of cassava for food security. »

December 8, 2015Knowledge Portal
Transforming a broken food system: an interview with Raj Patel

In its ‘Social justice in the food sector’ series, Fairfood International is interviewing experts on their views on how to create fair and sustainable food supply chains. Raj Patel is an award-winning British academic, journalist, activist and writer. In this interview with Fairfood’s Richard Glass, he shares his view on corporate control of the food system and the systemic change needed to create a fairer future. »

July 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Changing the food game: Market transformation strategies for sustainable agriculture

In his book “Changing the Food Game”, author Lucas Simons argues that the challenge of feeding the world’s population can only be solved by effective market transformation to achieve sustainable agriculture and food production. In the first part of the book, Simons explains about system dynamics and system failures. Lucas Simons explains clearly how we »