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February 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Africa’s got work to do: A diagnostic of youth employment challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

This article provides a macroeconomics analysis of the youth employment problem in the low and lower middle income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). While concerns about youth employment are often voiced, the discussions tends to lack context due to the absence of labor market data and analysis. This article tries to reduce this gap through analyzing macroeconomic changes and indicators in SSA. »

November 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
Macroeconomics, agriculture, and food security: A guide to policy analysis in developing countries

This book by Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla, provides an introduction to policy analysis related to monetary, financial, fiscal, exchange rate, and trade policies as they affect, and are affected by, agricultural and food security issues. Its approach, based on a simplified macroeconomic consistency framework, uses empirical cases to illustrate the problems involved. »