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local value chains

August 1, 2018Knowledge Portal
The future of rural youth in developing countries

This study aims to shed light on the potential of local value chains to create more, better and sustainable jobs for rural youth in developing countries. Rural youth are turning their backs on small-scale agriculture, yet a growing local and regional demand for food represents a unique untapped opportunity. »

November 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Africa is conquering its domestic food markets

This paper is the result of the study on domestic food markets in West Africa, Cameroon and Chad. Food systems in sub-Saharan Africa have changed in recent decades, and many observers have failed to keep up.┬áThe results reveal the considerable importance of the domestic food markets compared to the export markets. »

February 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Local food for global future : Classification, governance and knowledge for sustainable food security

Starting from recently published articles and new research this book presents a structured approach, which offers opportunities and challenges for local and regional food systems, that we see re-emerging globally. Based on a new classification of local food systems the book goes into adequate governance structures. This is demonstrated by a number of examples chosen from all over the world. »

October 2, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global or local food chains? Uncovering the dilemmas in Senegal and Peru

This paper (PDF) by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), examines whether local or global food chains are better at delivering food security and safety, decent employment, protecting the environment and contributing to economic growth. Using case studies from Senegal and Peru, the authors show a new and complex reality that challenges ideological views about re-localising food production and consumption. It points to the dilemmas but also to the potential and limits of national policies and food chain practices in a context of market globalisation. »