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January 22, 2018Knowledge Portal
Horticultural exports and food security in Senegal

This article investigates the effect of horticultural export growth on food security in Senegal. Horticultural exports from developing countries are expanding. While concerns are rising about the consequences of this growth for local food security, there is no empirical evidence that directly measures this impact. »

April 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
Horticultural exports – a threat or a boost to food security?

This article assesses the impact of horticultural exports on food security in the exporting country. Horticultural produce is mostly destined for high-income countries and it contributes to food intake there, however it is unclear what their food security consequences are in the countries of origin. In this article, a variety of direct and indirect effects of horticultural exports on food security in these exporting countries are discussed. »

September 12, 2016Knowledge Portal
Horticultural exports and food security in developing countries

This article in the Global Food Security Journal, reviews the channels through which horticultural exports affect food security in developing countries. The authors describe the trends in horticultural export chains and investigate the macro- and micro-level effects on the different components of food security, including availability, access, utilization and stability. »

February 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Impact of export horticulture farming on per capita calorie intake of smallholder farmers in Eastern and Central Provinces in Kenya

In attempting to achieve household food security for smallholder farmers, synergies and tradeoffs exist between cash cropping, food cropping and food security. Available evidence on the impact of cash cropping on food security shows mixed results. The objective of this paper was to assess the impact of export horticulture farming on food security of smallholder farmers in Kenya in two provinces in different agro-ecological zones with different resource and infrastructural endowments, crop growing and marketing conditions. »

July 26, 2015Knowledge Portal
Export horticulture – empowering female small-scale farmers in Kenya?

This paper in the Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin is the outcome of a study on the international partner project “Changing Gender Roles in Sub-Saharan Horticultural Family Farming” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. A qualitative case study was carried out to understand the impacts on gender inequality of the integration of horticultural smallholdings into the fresh fruit and vegetable (FFV) supply chain to the European market. »