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Netherlands Food Partnership launched during World Food Day
October 18, 2019News
Netherlands Food Partnership launched during World Food Day

The celebration of World Food Day 2019 on October 16 was the perfect occasion to launch the Netherlands Food Partnership. “Boost transformative approaches for sustainable food systems and healthy diets”. That is the mission of the Netherlands Food Partnership. NFP facilitates parties which recognize the need to speed up to achieve SDG2, and are eager to act together.   »

July 17, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems for healthy diets: Policy guidance note

This new guidance note presents how a food systems approach can guide the delivery of healthy diets and the steps to take to identify policy options and drive policy change, and subsequently address all forms of malnutrition. It is important to take a food systems approach comprising four functions – food production; food handling, storage and processing; food trade and marketing; and consumer demand, food preparation and preferences, and to coordinate interventions across these functions. »