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fragile states

February 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agricultural value chains and their potential for youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

This GREAT Insights Magazine edition of February/March 2017 has a thematic focus on youth employment in fragile countries. It brings together a range of perspectives on the pressing question of how better to promote youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Agriculture is mentioned as one of the most promising sectors in most fragile and conflict-affected environments. »

March 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Seed governance: from seed aid to seed system security in fragile areas

This report “Seed governance: From Seed aid to Seed system security in Fragile areas” (PDF), by Cordaid, is aimed at developing a coherent and conflict-sensitive approach to seed system rehabilitation, for example through seed provision and/or the revival of seed markets at the local, regional and national level. For this report, Wageningen University conducted a »