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June 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
The battle for biomass: A systematic review of food-feed-fuel competition

This article reviews 75 studies on the competition for biomass and production resources such as land, water, labour and capital across food, feed and fuel production. This review finds that food, feed and fuel do not just compete for limited land but also compete for other resources such as water, labour and capital. »

December 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food (in)security in rapidly urbanising, low-income contexts

This article describes how, for the urban poor in low and middle-income countries, food affordability and utilization are shaped by the income and non-income dimensions of poverty that include the urban space. Urbanization in low and middle-income nations presents both opportunities and immense challenges. There is limited knowledge of how these challenges affect the ways in which poor urban residents gain access to food and secure healthy and nutritious diets. »

Food for All Talk 02
April 7, 2017Knowledge activity
Food for All Talk 02 “The Role of Science and Technology”

On March 24, the second Food for All Talk took place with Louise Fresco, Chair of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research, and Shenggen Fan, Director-General of IFPRI on “Agriculture – Food – Biosciences”. »

Food for the many mouths of Africa
February 6, 2015News
Food for the many mouths of Africa

How can African countries use intellectual property rights to encourage plant breeding without taking away from the masses of small farmers the right to exchange seeds as they have done for thousands of years? NWO researcher Bram de Jonge is diligently searching for a way out of a political minefield: in a case study on »