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April 6, 2020Knowledge Portal
Sustainable food systems through diversification and indigenous vegetables: An analysis of the Arusha area

This report aims at filling the knowledge gap on the factors and actors that are currently hindering the benefits of indigenous vegetables to materialise, and how governance and policy can support indigenous vegetables in diverse contexts in Arusha, Tanzania. Interdisciplinary research using a politically sensitive food system approach can help develop pathways that make trade-offs more explicit and take into account the interests and incentives of the different actors involved.  »

March 24, 2020Knowledge Portal
Sustainable food systems through diversification and indigenous vegetables: An analysis of the Southern Nakuru County

This report presents the results of multi-disciplinary research and dialogue activities in Kenya, using a ‘food systems approach’ in terms of sustainability and outcomes, a related governance analysis about the bottlenecks and drivers that make diversification of the food system difficult, with a focus on indigenous vegetables. An example of crosscutting solutions is a multi-stakeholder platform to regularly bring together all relevant actors. »

F&BKP Newsletter March 2020 (#01)
March 10, 2020News
F&BKP Newsletter March 2020 (#01)

In this first Newsletter of 2020, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) informs about the developments of the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) and highlights current activities of the Platform.  »

Reverse thinking for finding Food Systems solutions
March 3, 2020Expert opinion
Reverse thinking for finding Food Systems solutions

The recently agreed reform of the international research network CGIAR provides a unique opportunity for making new steps towards a more effective, responsive and inclusive approach towards food systems analysis. In this blog, Prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben states that, based on the unified governance envisioned to lead ´One CGIAR´, it is of foremost importance to support changes in the composition of the research portfolio and a more fundamental adjustment in research practices. »

February 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
Financing the transformation of food systems under a changing climate

This report states that the global food system will need to produce food more efficiently and sustainably to achieve the SDGs and meet the 2°C climate commitments of the Paris Agreement. As climate change affects food systems, governments, food and agriculture companies, and public and private investors need to better identify and address the numerous climate-related risks they face. »

February 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
Innovations in vegetable food systems for food safety and nutrition security in lower and middle income countries in Asia

This article states that improving food safety and nutrition security, requires innovations that simultaneously increase the supply and demand for vegetables. In the current context of global malnutrition, the importance of investing in vegetable research and innovations, is more relevant than ever. »