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March 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
Unlocking the potential of non-farm enterprises to reduce rural unemployment in Ghana

This policy briefing by IDS highlights the role of non-farm enterprise sector in the rural economy in Ghana. Non-farm enterprises have been viewed as one of the surest ways of reducing rural youth unemployment in the country. However, despite their potential, limited understanding of the diverse nature of the non-farm enterprise sector has led to policies that do not fully exploit its potential to reduce rural unemployment in Ghana. »

July 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Millets value chain for nutritional security: A replicable success model from India

This book explores how the millet value chain can improve nutritional security. It demonstrates a successful and sustainable model for value addition to millets from production to consumption. The authors outline practical interventions to revive the demand for millets as a convenient and nutritive option for consumers, whilst presenting a reliable model that can be adapted for the development of other commodities. »