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May 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Livelihood and climate trade-offs in Kenyan peri-urban vegetable production

This study investigates productivity and economic and climate trade-offs in soil fertility management strategies in smallholder African indigenous vegetable production in Kenya. Soil fertility management strategies that mix inorganic and organic source present a pathway to sustainable intensification in AIV production. »

ARF-1 factsheet: Building on Fertile Ground in Burundi
February 8, 2018Research project
ARF-1 factsheet: Building on Fertile Ground in Burundi

Please download the factsheet with end results of this Applied Research Fund Call 1 project. »

September 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Application of secondary nutrients and micronutrients increases crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa

This article aims to determine the productivity increase of crops and nutrient use efficiency associated with secondary nutrients and micronutrients in sub-Sahara Africa. In this region, the main focus has been on macronutrients but there is emerging though scattered evidence of crop productivity limitations by the secondary and micronutrients. »

August 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Sustaining soil functions in agro-ecosystems

This special issue of the journal Agronomy aims to demonstrate judicious farming systems, where environmentally-sound practices are utilized, simultaneously maintaining soil functions, supporting environmental quality, and sustaining agricultural productivity. »

August 16, 2017Knowledge Portal
A review of soil fertility management and crop response to fertilizer application in Ethiopia

This report reviews the response of crops to organic and inorganic fertilizer applications in Ethiopia and aims to facilitate the design of a fertilizer recommendation tool. Results show that the productivity of major crops has increased steadily over the last two decades. »

July 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
The Fertile Grounds Initiative: A concerted action for integrated soil fertility management

This article discusses Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) as an approach to alleviate soil fertility constraints. Low soil fertility is one of the main factors causing low agricultural productivity in many developing countries. A key element of ISFM is the integrated use of organic and mineral fertilizers. »