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July 25, 2019Knowledge Portal
United Nations decade of family farming 2019-2028: Global action plan

This action plan mobilizes concrete, coordinated action to overcome challenges family farmers face, strengthen their investment capacity and thereby attain the potential benefits of their contributions to transform out societies and put in place long-term and sustainable solutions. The global action plan aims at accelerating actions undertaken in a collective, coherent and comprehensive manner to support family farmers. »

The future of farming in Africa
July 4, 2018Expert opinion
The future of farming in Africa

 “Who will produce our food in the future?” Ken Giller, professor Plant Production Systems at Wageningen University, asks out loudly during a presentation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 5,  2018. It asks for policy that doesn’t exist at the moment”, Giller says, “this is what I frame as the Food Security Conundrum”. »

April 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Study on small-scale family farming in the Near East and North Africa region.

This report provides an overview of a study conducted in the NENA region in 2015-2016 focusing on the features and characteristics of small-scale family farming. Defining policies to support small-scale family farming by fighting poverty in agricultural households cannot be reduced to intensifying farming or stock-breeding practices. »

April 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
School meals a vital ingredient in ending hunger and promoting healthy diets

This article shows and reiterates the importance of school meals and highlights the Home-Grown School Feeding Resources Framework publication. This framework supports governments through the process of policy formulation, implementation and evaluation of school meals programs. It also brings together the technical expertise of different stakeholders in a programmatic and coherent way to be easily accessed by countries requesting technical assistance. »

February 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
The number, size, and distribution of farms, smallholder farms, and family farms worldwide

This article scrutinizes the link between farm size and farmland distribution and its contribution to food security, reduction of poverty and decreasing inequality. Many advocates emphasize the importance of “smallholder farming” or “family farming”, however there is a lack of data. »

December 16, 2016Knowledge Portal
Subnational distribution of average farm size and smallholder contributions to global food production

This article, published in the Environmental Research Letters journal, presents a map of mean agricultural area, classified by the amount of land per farming household, at subnational resolutions across three key global regions using a novel integration of household microdata and agricultural landscape data. These data meet a critical need, as improved understanding of the prevalence and distribution of smallholder farming is essential for effective policy development for food security, poverty reduction, and conservation agendas. »