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April 1, 2019Knowledge Portal
Aligning the food system to meet dietary needs: Fruits and vegetables

This paper discusses strategies for increasing the production and consumption of fruits and vegetables as a path to obtaining adequate diets and increased incomes in domestic and transitional economies. Although often neglected in calorie counts, eating horticultural crops provides critical nutrients for a balanced diet. »

February 27, 2019Knowledge Portal
Opportunities for strengthening gender and social equity in Ethiopia’s wheat sector

This report outlines how an insufficient focus on the barriers women face continues to have a significant impact on the agricultural productivity, economic growth and food security in Ethiopia. Many government and project partners do not know how to assist with the social and gender norm changes necessary to ensure women can benefit from development equitably. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reaping richer returns: Public spending priorities for African agriculture productivity growth

This report explores how effective, efficient and climate resilient public spending in and for agriculture can be the foundation for transformation and reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries. Enhancing the productivity of agriculture is vital for Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic future and is one of the most important tools to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in the region. »

January 16, 2016Knowledge Portal
Economics of land degradation and improvement: A global assessment for sustainable development

This book argues that sustainable soil management and responsible land governance have great potential for being one of the corner stones to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It argues that the costs of doing nothing about land degradatio are several times higher than the costs of taking action to reverse it. This volume deals with land degradation, which is stretching to about 30% of the total global land area. About three billion people reside in these degraded lands. »

Future applicability of effective “Drivers for Change” to reduce postharvest food losses
November 26, 2015News
Future applicability of effective “Drivers for Change” to reduce postharvest food losses
Theme: Food Wastage

The F&BKP Office has contracted the Food & Biobased Research institute of Wageningen University to conduct a study on “Drivers for Change” that focus on reducing postharvest food losses and improving food value chains. »

PPPs: listen to the farmers
March 25, 2014Expert opinion
PPPs: listen to the farmers
Theme: Partnerships

Assuming a joint approach would unleash agricultural potential and strengthen the market, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have dominated global food security strategies. The debate highlights several strategies, for example, focusing on the local effects of knowledge-sharing through PPP networks, advocating linkages between sectors, or optimizing trade in a corridor approach. Within these approaches there is »