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conservation agriculture

December 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Lessons learned: Designing and implementing conservation agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

This “Lessons Learned” document reviews experiences over the last two decades in conservation agriculture and provides practical guidelines for the adoption of CA on program level and more technicallu. The three principles of conservation agriculture are: continuous minimum mechanical soil disturbance; permanent organic soil cover; and diversification. While CA took off in Latin America, adoption in sub-Saharan Africa has been limited due to different contexts and challenges. »

August 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth, conservation agriculture and sustainable development – Engagement insights from Africa

This book aims to stimulate critical dialogue and resolve among readers on truly engaging youth in agricultural transformation. In using Zimbabwe, as the anchorage, the book, holistically scans the nation’s landscape – food and nutrition security, climate change and variability, and the post-2015 development agenda, for examples of innovative thinking, leadership, and action, in youth engagement, and thus, catapults local futuristic-thinking youths to the global stage. »