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GCP-2 facstheet final findings: Access to finance
December 2, 2020Research project
GCP-2 facstheet final findings: Access to finance

Please download the factsheet with final findings of this GCP-2 Integrated Project. »

September 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Creating opportunities for young people in Ghana’s cocoa sector

This paper presents young people’s experiences of growing up in Ghana’s cocoa belt, and identifies key barriers to their involvement in the sector and highlights opportunities to promote their participation in cocoa farming. Based on findings from focus group discussions with youth aged 15-25 in the cocoa-growing belt and from key informant interviews, the key issues raised are access to land, finance, and skills development, as well as perceptions of the cocoa sector, particularly among women.  »

March 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Vegetable diversification in cocoa-based farming systems Ghana

This study in the Agriculture & Food Security Journal assessed the extent of diversification of vegetables among farmers in Ghana’s cocoa belt and determined the factors that explain the variability in the diversification indices. It was found that marital status of the household head and total land endowment were the major determinants of diversification. »

February 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Coffee and cocoa value chains: Gender dynamics in Peru and Nicaragua

This report assesses women’s and men’s participation in coffee and cocoa value chains in Latin America in order to identify key considerations and next steps for the development of research, policy and practice on value chain upgrading for enhanced smallholder prosperity. In particular, the report analyzes the differential roles that women and men play and the benefits they perceive from their participation in coffee and cocoa value chains. »

April 10, 2015Knowledge Portal
Cocoa barometer 2015: chocolate too cheap to be sustainable

The Cocoa Barometer 2015 (PDF) is published and funded by the members of the Barometer Consortium: FNV Mondiaal, Hivos, Solidaridad, and the VOICE Network (Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Wereldwinkels, ABVV/Horval, Berne Declaration, Stop The Traffik, and Südwind Institut). The cocao barometer was launched at the chocoa conference in March 2015. The main conclusion from the report »