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climate-smart agriculture

May 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Coping with climate change: the roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) argues that genetic resources have a critical role to play in feeding the world in light of climate change, as shown in this infographic. A recent book (PDF) of FAO, “Coping with climate change: the roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture”, highlights the potential use of genetic resources as a basis for adaptation and of an ecosystem approach to meet the challenges of climate change. The report covers plant, animal, forest, aquatic, invertebrate and micro-organism genetic resources. »

April 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2014: climate change and smallholder agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2014 (PDF) presents a comprehensive overview of smallholder agriculture in Africa and addresses the ‘climate-smart agricultural’ (CSA) sector in the continent. The role of soil fertility and plant nutrition in strengthening the vigor of farming systems and make them less vulnerable to climate change is explicitly addressed in this report. »

March 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Success stories for the Crop-Livestock integration project in Uganda

From 2011 to 2013, ASARECA and the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) implemented a project “Harnessing crop-livestock integration to enhance food security and livelihoods resilience to effects of climate change in Eastern and Central Africa”. The aim of the project was to enhance productivity and value of smallholder crop-livestock systems in Uganda. This was »

March 10, 2015Knowledge Portal
Vision 2030: Making current approaches work for sustainable agriculture

An expert meeting was organised in September 2014 by Agri-ProFocus to clarify different perspectives on agro-ecology and other approaches to promote sustainable agriculture, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on achieving food and nutrition security for all by 2030. Meeting outcomes were aimed to inform the Food Security policy note of Dutch Minister Ploumen and Dutch Secretary of State Dijksma, as well as the own practice of different stakeholders. »

March 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
FAO Success stories on climate-smart agriculture

This booklet (PDF) by FAO is a compilation of successful and promising climate-smart initiatives in developing countries from around the world (such as Kenya, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Peru and Nicaragua). The cases have been selected from the FAO Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Sourcebook (PDF), to show the diversity of potential options across different regions and agricultural systems »

Sustainable agriculture: lively multi stakeholder debate facilitated by Agri-ProFocus
September 23, 2014News
Sustainable agriculture: lively multi stakeholder debate facilitated by Agri-ProFocus

On September 12, 2014, Agri-ProFocus organized an expert meeting about the different approaches to promote sustainable agriculture (e.g. agro-ecology, climate-smart agriculture, the landscape approach, etc). This in order to inform the upcoming food and nutrition security policy note of Minister Ploumen and Secretary of State Dijksma, and the own practice of different stakeholders. Agri-ProFocus had »