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Key findings and lessons from Dutch publicly funded horticulture initiatives in LMICs
June 30, 2020Study
Key findings and lessons from Dutch publicly funded horticulture initiatives in LMICs
Theme: Valuable Vegetables

A stronger horticulture sector in low- and middle-income countries is expected to contribute to among others (inclusive) business development, employment, enhanced Food and Nutrition Security and economic growth. This has motivated the Netherlands to substantially invest in horticulture initiatives in these countries. This synthesis paper was written to develop an overview of the most important insights and lessons from these initiatives, with the aim of contributing to improved policy and practice of future horticulture development initiatives. »

March 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
Strengthening and harmonizing food policy systems to achieve food security

This discussion paper studies the factors contributing to the effectiveness of policy systems. In this paper, a conceptual framework is developed to understand the policy and institutional architecture of food and agriculture policy systems, aiming to improve the coordination and harmonization of the roles of policy actors and players. »

November 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
Developing the knowledge, skills and talent of youth to further food security and nutrition

This report by CFS; FAO; IFAD and WFP (PDF) provides case studies from different regions, that set out the challenges, successes and lessons learned relating to the development of knowledge, skills and capacity for youth in agriculture. The case studies cover the areas of peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, vocational training and skills development, and education systems and research. »

October 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Institutions and policies to implement the Ethiopia livestock master plan

This research brief identifies institutional and policy shortcomings in the Ethiopian livestock sector. Detailed interdisciplinary research provides clear empirical evidence of the potential benefits of a comprehensive livestock master plan (LMP) for Ethiopia. The brief identifies four institutional and policy issues for attention. »

May 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Making Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) work for development in tropical countries

This paper (PDF) in Sustainability aims to identify gaps in current capacities and the development needs as perceived by stakeholders involved in national and regional Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS). Three regional needs assessments undertaken by Tropical Agricultural Platform (TAP) and its partners. The surveyed tropical regions were Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America. The »

May 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
The need for institutional change in capacity development of tertiary agricultural education organisations

This publication (PDF) by KIT, ICRA and the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), argues that Dutch-funded capacity development projects in developing countries for tertiary agricultural education organisations as they are currently carried out are not able to successfully achieve the sustained changes required. The authors suggest that long-term institutional change is needed. The report specifically »