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August 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Beyond the blockchain

This magazine examines the opportunities of blockchain in agriculture for smallholder farmers. Blockchains are increasingly helpful to involve small-scale farmers in agricultural value chains. However, scaling up solutions are hindered by costs and the access to connectivity and digital literacy skills is limited »

May 10, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agriculture on the blockchain: Sustainable solutions for food, farmers, and financing

This research explores applications of blockchain across the agricultural sector, beyond the typical finance use cases. Traceability across the global food supply chain ensures food safety and is thus far the most adopted application of blockchain for agriculture. »

July 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Blockchain: The evolutionary next step for ICT E-Agriculture

This article¬†reviews blockchain-based concepts associated with ICT-based technology. Moreover, it proposes a model ICT¬†e-agriculture system with a blockchain infrastructure. ICT e-agricultural with a blockchain infrastructure is the next step in the evolution of ICT e-agriculture. »