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December 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food waste for livestock feeding: Feasibility, safety, and sustainability implications

This article¬†discusses the feasibility, safety and sustainability implications of using food waste as feed for livestock. Food waste is a matter intrinsically linked with the growing challenges of food security, resource and environmental sustainability, and climate change. »

September 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Microalgae as feed ingredients for livestock production and meat quality

This article unveils the dietary microalgae effects currently known on production and meat quality of livestock species.¬†These small-sized algae, have been studied as a natural marine resource for a number of economically relevant applications, including animal feed. Research evidence so far has shown that the inclusion of microalgae in animal diets could improve growth and meat quality in ruminants, pigs, poultry and rabbits. »

January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table? A new analysis of the feed/food debate

This paper in the Global Food Security journal analyses global livestock feed rations and feed conversion ratios, with specific insight on the diversity in production systems and feed materials. Livestock contribute to food security by supplying essential macro- and micro-nutrients, providing manure and draught power, and generating income. But they also consume food edible by humans and graze on pastures that could be used for crop production. »

December 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Perceptions and practices of farmers on the utilization of sweetpotato, and other root tubers, and banana for pig feeding in smallholder crop-livestock systems in Uganda

This study highlights the major practices and strategies deployed by pig farmers in response to feeding constraints in Uganda. While there is potential for the use of sweet potato and other root tubers as pig feed in the smallholder pig farming systems, their use is limited due to the lack of knowledge. »