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June 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing anemia prevalence in Afghanistan: Socioeconomic correlates and the particular role of agricultural assets

This article examines the socio-economic correlates of anemia in women and, potential sources of iron in household diets in Afghanistan. It delves into the agriculture-nutrition linkages and tries to understand these in the context of Afghanistan and related to iron-deficiency anemia. The authors found that ownership of agricultural assets (particularly livestock) and their use in food production has a role in alleviating anemia, especially when local markets are inadequate. »

May 27, 2015Knowledge Portal
Is gender inequality the main roadblock to achieving nutrition targets? The Global Nutrition Report on gender equality

In this blog, Lawrence Haddad highlights the draw out messages about women and gender from the Global Nutrition Report. He highlights that improvements in nutrition are important to achieve gender equality and to empower all women and girls. Improvements in women’s nutritional status indicators, especially anemia rates in women of reproductive age, seem slow. Recommendations »