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October 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
The informal sector’s role in food security: A missing link in policy debates?

This paper reviews what is currently known about the role played by the informal sector in general and informal retailers in particular, in the accessibility of food in South Africa. The review seeks to identify policy relevant research gaps. The authors conclude their study with critique on the policy environment. They highlight a production and rural bias in the food security agenda and argue that the policy environment for informal operators is at best benign neglect and at worse actively destructive, with serious food security implications. »

Book Launch: ‘Agriculture Beyond Food: Experiences from Indonesia’
December 4, 2014News
Book Launch: ‘Agriculture Beyond Food: Experiences from Indonesia’

The NWO-KNAW research programme Agriculture Beyond Food (ABF) has studied developments and potential dilemmas in the field of green economy in Indonesia. At a concluding symposium in Jakarta on November 27, the book ‘Agriculture Beyond Food: Experiences from Indonesia’ with research findings of the programme was offered to the Indonesian Deputy Minister of Research, Technology and Higher »