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Our Partners

One of the core tasks of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) Office team is to support Dutch stakeholder networks in their knowledge management. In most cases the activities of these thematic networks are directly linked with and beneficial to their international partners, amongst others in emerging economies and developing countries.

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Connect, deepen, translate and co-create

The Office team supports the stakeholder networks collaborating within the F&BKP by:

  • Connecting organizations and (emerging) networks that have complementary knowledge questions to contribute to food security. In most cases, this is linked to a particular theme.
  • Facilitating dialogue and interaction between businesses, civil society, research and policy.
  • Deepening, translating and co-creating knowledge and improving impact by funding and supporting studies, conferences and expert meetings. As such, networks are also given an extra communication channel.

The actual activities vary significantly depending on the type of network or partnership, their specific knowledge requirements and the way the F&BKP adds value to the network. Mature and successful networks active in a particular thematic area may profit from additional capabilities and/or resources for knowledge management and from contacts with new organizations which lead to more synergy. Young networks that emerge around new themes can benefit by including learning and research activities in their agenda. In addition, the F&BKP Office team also conducts knowledge projects with specific stakeholder groups to explore new themes, which may have been ‘blind spots’ in food security knowledge work thus far. Finally, the F&BKP Office team also facilitates strategic partnerships of a more general character, in most cases with the objective to enhance the overall knowledge system for Food and Nutrition Security.



What can you do within the Platform

Existing and upcoming networks and communities of practice, organizations, institutions and individual professionals from the Netherlands, the DGIS-partner countries and other countries can jointly work on knowledge questions within the F&BKP. The F&BKP is an open initiative: networks and organizations from local, regional and global levels are explicitly invited to participate in the Platform. Come share, improve and generate new knowledge on food systems at a time when the world is facing multiple challenges.

Activities you can think of while working within the Platform are:

  • Disseminate relevant research results, good practices and innovative approaches;
  • Create synthesis documents, overview articles, policy papers and other (visual) materials;
  • Organize (international) dialogues, debates and conferences;
  • Jointly develop a focused knowledge agenda and innovation strategies;
  • Establish (international) learning partnerships;
  • Feed policy in the field of food and nutrition security;
  • Translate research results and learning experiences into practice;
  • Receive assistance in exploring (national and international) research funds.


Knowledge Management Facility

The objective of the Knowledge Management Facility (KMF) is to financially support the knowledge management of the various stakeholders within the Platform by providing grants for studies or knowledge events like seminars.
Three categories of applicants are eligible for funding:
a) Platform partners, being the networks and Communities of Practice (CoP) that are actively cooperating with the Platform on priority themes.
b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies which have short term analytical knowledge requests related to consisting FNS policy.
c) The Steering Committee in interaction with the Office.