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Michaël Wilde works for organic fruit and vegetable specialist Eosta where he is responsible for the sustainability & communication division. In this role he has worked on numerous international campaigns including “Bees love Organic” and “Save our Soils”. Save our Soils www.saveoursoils.com is a collaboration between Eosta, the FAO and over 200 other companies and NGO’s all coming together to highlight the importance of the world’s most precious yet most neglected resource. Today, Michaël and his team are working on the True Cost of Food campaign whereby they are making the hidden costs in farming visible, see www.natureandmore.com. The results to date are crystal clear and showing that sustainably farmed, organic products are not expensive compared to the non-organic alternative if you look at all the costs involved including soil destruction, biodiversity loss, water pollution, climate change and health. It therefore comes as no surprise that Michaël is passionate about sustainable agriculture: “Safe guarding our food system for future generations and protecting our precious planet, can only go hand in hand”.


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