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The core role of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is to support the co-creation of better policies and practices on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) in North and South. We focus on knowledge brokering to facilitate the creation, exchange and use of academic, applied and tacit knowledge.

The stakeholders involved in our activities include policymakers, practitioners from the profit and non-profit sectors, and researchers. In their own fields of work, they create and make use of knowledge all the time. However, experience shows that effective knowledge exchange, which is meant to cross professional divides to increase tangible impact, requires independent and dedicated intermediaries.

The knowledge brokers of the F&BKP Office team are such fully dedicated professionals. They support the knowledge management of the F&BKP partners and contribute to the innovative capability of individuals, organizations and networks.

The F&BKP knowledge brokers combine a wide range of skills: they identify and articulate the pressing knowledge questions of our partners; they gather and interpret cutting-edge knowledge; and they link up stakeholders and support the knowledge exchange between them, covering the selected thematic areas of FNS. Our professionals rely on their strong interpersonal skills when helping forge new partnerships, which often involves switching between different actors, policy levels and types of knowledge.

The activities of the F&BKP are organized along our three main fields of work:

  1. Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) Research
  2. Strategic Partnerships & Thematic Networks
  3. Knowledge Portal

FNS Research

The F&BKP identifies and addresses knowledge gaps related to FNS. We collaborate with the two research funds managed by WOTRO Science for Global Development, which is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Applied Research Fund (ARF) and the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) are both part of the Food & Business Research (FBR) programme funded by the Dutch government. The ARF supports research for innovation in the 15 Dutch partner countries for development cooperation. The GCP supports research on emerging topics and challenges in global food security.
Read more about the research funds and our role in them under Research projects.

Strategic Partnerships & Thematic Networks

The F&BKP supports the knowledge management of both mature and emerging networks on selected thematic areas of FNS. We facilitate knowledge exchange between organizations and networks to inspire co-creation and the use of knowledge for policy and practice. Through the Knowledge Management Facility, networks can apply for small grants to conduct studies or organize events. The F&BKP also works with several strategic partners. We facilitate the strategic partnerships of the Dutch government with the World Bank Group and with the CGIAR. A third significant strategic partner is YEP Agrofood.
Read more about our support to thematic networks under Themes.
Read more about our strategic partnerships under Partners.

Knowledge Portal

The F&BKP manages an online Knowledge Portal that holds reports, briefs, toolkits and articles on key FNS topics. These knowledge products are identified and added to the Portal by the F&BKP Office, F&BKP partners and other experts in the field of FNS. The main selection criterion is that they are of use to Dutch and international professionals working in FNS, with a focus on acknowledged areas of Dutch expertise.
Read more about and access this rich knowledge resource under Knowledge Portal.