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April 20, 2018Knowledge Portal
From open weather data to accessible weather information services for smallholder farmers

This policy brief outlines the importance and benefits that can be derived from weather data in agriculture and nutrition, the challenges in the weather data value chain and recommendations to address these challenges. »

April 16, 2018Knowledge Portal
Financing agriculture for a more profitable rural economy

This policy brief discusses finance for agri-value chains. Throughout Africa, concerted efforts have been made to achieve structural economic transformation in agriculture, moving from basic, low-skilled production to diversified, higher value, more sophisticated and competitive production. »

March 16, 2018Knowledge Portal
Gender-equitable pathways to achieving sustainable agricultural intensification

This brief has identified promising strategies for transforming inequitable social structures, norms and practices by increasing women’s access to resources, services and technologies as well as to decision making. »

December 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Leveraging ICT innovations to support farmers and farmers’ organisations

This policy brief discusses policy actions needed to empower smallholder farmers to leverage information and communications technology (ICT) innovations for greater productivity and efficiency. The data revolution is helping us make better decisions in all areas of our lives, and farmers are no exception. However, the smallholder farmer is being left behind as more data applications are developed for commercial farming. »

November 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
Building resilience through sustainable groundwater use

This brief elaborates on the importance of sustainable groundwater use and management for improved agricultural production. The authors argue that using groundwater for agricultural production has the potential to build resilience in food insecure regions of the world. »

October 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Financing women farmers: The need to increase and redirect agriculture and climate adaptation resources

This briefing paper finds that governments and donors are failing to provide women farmers with relevant and adequate support for farming and adapting to climate change. Oxfam conducted research on government and donor investments. »