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September 11, 2017Knowledge Portal
Greenhouse gas emission analyses from nine agricultural development projects reveal mitigation options

This blog discusses analyses which show that some agricultural practices contribute to improved food security and climate change mitigation.┬áThese analyses can help prioritize agricultural practices that contribute to sustainable development goals in food security and climate. »

July 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
The power of multi-sectoral governance to address malnutrition

This technical brief shares learning of the Sustainable Nutrition for All (SN4A) project related to the importance of multi-sectoral governance to address malnutrition and scale-up projects. The brief presents results from the SN4A model in Uganda and Zambia. »

July 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Negative evaluation of conservation agriculture: Perspectives from African smallholder farmers

This article explores the reasons why farmers chose not to implement conservation agriculture (CA). Despite more than three decades of promotion, CA has not been widely adopted by smallholder farmer in sub-Saharan Africa. »

June 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agriculture, food systems, diets and nutrition in Zambia

This discussion paper describes the potential of agriculture and food systems in Zambia to contribute to improving food and nutrition security. National nutrition and agricultural policy in Zambia recognizes the need to increase and diversify the production of nutritious foods to tackle hunger and improve diets. »

June 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Stories of change in nutrition

This special issue analyzes drivers of change in six high-burden countries (Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Senegal, and Zambia) which had some success in accelerating improvements in nutrition. »

June 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
From coherence towards commitment: Changes and challenges in Zambia’s nutrition policy environment

This article investigates changes in nutrition policy and action over time in Zambia. An enabling environment for malnutrition reduction includes creating policy and political momentum, and converting momentum to implementation and impact. Another article of this edition describes more positive experiences in setting-up national nutrition policy and programs in Senegal. »