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October 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
Insecure food: diet, eating and identity among the Ethiopian Suri people in the developmental age

This article discusses food, cultural identity and development among the agropastoral Suri people of Southwest Ethiopia. Their food system is discussed in its actual form and in its process of change, accelerated since a decade or so. »

October 16, 2017Knowledge Portal
Triggering for positive behaviour change in nutrition

This technical brief provides an overview of community Social and Behavior Change Communication and triggering on positive nutrition and hygiene behaviors. The brief presents results from the Sustainable Nutrition for All (SN4A) model in Uganda and Zambia. »

October 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
The human factor in development cooperation: An effective way to deal with unintended effects

This article argues that following the human stories in development policy and implementation can offer surprising insights into why at times policies may work or not work. Too often the human factor is relegated to an input or an externality in a quasi-technical process for transforming public funds into measurable results. »

October 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Nourished: How Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition

This report identifies interventions that work and recommends options for policies and programs to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in all its forms. What is required are policies and interventions that go beyond just increasing agricultural production to making actual improvements in the provision and quality of diets, leveraging the potential of the agriculture sector, and in other rural services such as health, water, sanitation, and hygiene. »

September 28, 2017Knowledge Portal
Development of market opportunities through post-harvest processing of the African indigenous vegetables in Tanzania

This research paper examined the challenges associated with production of processed African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) and possible market opportunities. AIVs have gained prominence in the recent past due to nutritional and health benefits. Post-harvest processing of AIVs provides market opportunities for the farmers. »

September 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Farmer-led innovations and rural household welfare: Evidence from Ghana

This article analyzes the effect of farmer-led innovations on rural household welfare, measured by income, consumption expenditure, and food security. It is well recognized that agricultural innovations could emerge from many sources, including rural farmers. »