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April 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
The rush for land in an urbanizing world: From land grabbing toward developing safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and landscapes

This article elaborates on the importance of linking debates on land governance and urbanization. It aims to contribute to current discussions about “making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable” (SDG 11) by linking debates that are currently taking place in separate containers: debates on the “global land rush” and the “new urban agenda”. It highlights some important processes that are overlooked in these debates and advances a new, socially inclusive urbanization agenda that addresses emerging urban land grabs. »

March 28, 2017Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2017

The Global Food Security Report is a yearly publication that provides a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy. This edition pays special attention to the challenges of urbanization for food and nutrition security since rapid urbanization and population growth are expected to put growing pressure on the global food system as agricultural production comes under stress. »

March 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
A global analysis of land take in cropland areas and production displacement from urbanization

This article analyses urban land take in cropland areas for the years 2000 and 2040, using a land systems approach. The results show that future urban expansion is primarily expected in areas that are also suitable and available for cropland, thus suggesting a continued competition for land between urban expansion and food production. »

February 28, 2017Knowledge Portal
Secondary towns, agricultural prices, and intensification: evidence from Ethiopia

This working paper analyses how cities and secondary towns affect agricultural practices in their rural hinterlands. While most of the population in sub-Saharan Africa resides in cities and secondary towns, this relationship is not well understood. To fill this gap, a conceptual model was developed to analyze how farmers’ proximity to cities of different sizes affects agricultural prices and intensification of farming. The results show that agricultural price behavior and intensification is determined by proximity to a city and the type of city. »

F&BKP newsletter 2017 #01
February 17, 2017News
F&BKP newsletter 2017 #01

The first Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) newsletter of 2017 includes F&BKP products such as studies, reports of seminars, Knowledge Portal items, and upcoming events.  To stay up-to-date on the F&BKP activities on a daily basis, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook . Follow this link to the complete first 2017 newsletter of the Platform; enjoy the »

February 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urban expansion brought stress to food security in China: Evidence from decreased cropland net primary productivity

This paper in the Science of the Total Environment journal assesses the impact of urban expansion on the CNPP in China from 1992 to 2015 in a spatially explicit manner. The authors concluded that rapid urban expansion from 1992 to 2015 caused stress to China’s food security. It is still vital for China to effectively protect cropland to improve the urbanization level to 60% by 2020. »