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June 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Measuring impact

This magazine explores how various assessments and indicator frameworks to help cities map the current status and performance of their city region food system, have concretely supported planning and policy, and have enabled cities to measure and monitor changes in relation to food strategies and action plans. »

May 14, 2018Knowledge Portal
Opportunities of urban horticulture for poverty alleviation in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania

This study was conducted to explore to opportunities of the urban agriculture focusing on vegetables and ornamental flowers production towards poverty reduction and alleviation in Dar es Salaam. Urban agriculture reveals to play a significant role towards reducing and alleviating the poverty. »

April 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
The growth of food banking in cities of the Global South

This discussion paper examines the globalization of food banking and its growth in the Global South. Through a case study of FoodForward South-Africa, it critically analyzes the roles that urban food banks play in cities of the Global South.  »

March 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
“Measurement drives diagnosis and response”: Gaps in transferring food security assessment to the urban scale

This paper (PDF) in the Food Policy journal highlights the urban transition and attendant food security challenges, and reflects on existing food security measurement methods in the urban context. The understanding of food security has seen major shifts since the original conceptualisations of the challenge. These changes in understanding have been accompanied by different food security »

Expert roundtable: To feed growing global cities Dutch companies need a different mindset
March 15, 2018Knowledge activity
Expert roundtable: To feed growing global cities Dutch companies need a different mindset

The Dutch agrofood sector needs to change its mindset if it is to capitalize on one of the biggest opportunities of the 21st century: feeding the growing cities of emerging economies. This was one of the main conclusions of an expert roundtable organized as part of the Innovation Network Feeding Cities. »

March 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
Food and nutrition security in Southern African cities

This book places urban food and nutrition security firmly on the development and policy agenda. It shows that current efforts to address food poverty in Africa are misplaces and will remain largely ineffective in ameliorating food and nutrition insecurity for the majority of Africans. »