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sustainable development goals (SDGs)

November 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
Global Nutrition Report 2017: Nourishing the SDGs

This report shows that ending malnutrition in all its forms will catalyze improved outcomes across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The analysis shows there are five core areas that run through the SDGs to which nutrition can contribute, and in turn, benefit from. »

October 31, 2017Knowledge Portal
The importance of soil in creating a sustainable world

SoilCares interviewed Dutch soil scientist professor Johan Bouma about the role of soil in creating a sustainable world. In this interview professor Bouma explains how soil relates to UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and how companies such as SoilCares can contribute to creating more awareness about the importance of soil. »

October 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
New horizons: Accelerating sustainable development through inclusive business in Kenya

This report highlights opportunities for inclusive business across five sectors: financial services, food and beverages, healthcare, infrastructure and skills building and education. »

Dutch Development Results 2016 in Perspective: Food and Nutrition Security highlights
September 21, 2017News
Dutch Development Results 2016 in Perspective: Food and Nutrition Security highlights

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a website which presents the results that the Netherlands, together with national and international partners, has achieved in the field of inclusive sustainable development co-operation in 2016. This news item aims to update Food and Nutrition Security professionals on the recent results of the Dutch policy in this field. »

September 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
How the world can cut food loss and waste in half

This blog addresses the progress being made in reducing food loss and waste, and what needs to happen in the future to address this problem. This blog discusses the Champions 12.3 progress report, which tracks the movement toward meeting SDG Target 12.3 and lays out a roadmap for what both companies and governments need to do to achieve that goal. »

July 11, 2017Knowledge Portal
Implementation of the SDGs at the national level: How to advocate for nutrition-related targets and indicators

This toolkit tries to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to nutrition are well-integrated in national development plans, policies and strategies. For the next 15 years, each country will have to make sure that national development plans, as well as all new policies, are aligned with the SDGs. »