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A spark of hope for pineapple farmers in Benin
March 28, 2018Research project
A spark of hope for pineapple farmers in Benin

For the last two years and half, the consortium ”Ananas Mitongnon” has been implementing the DAPIS project in Benin. Pineapple producers have realized that they can engage in more lucrative markets and to meet the expected quantity on a regular basis, they have decided to organize themselves into a cooperative which they named: “Nonvignon Mihinmidé” meaning “Brotherhood is good, let’s take care of each other”.  »

ARF-2 factsheet: Technology innovations towards sustainability in tuna supply chains Indonesia
February 8, 2018Research project
ARF-2 factsheet: Technology innovations towards sustainability in tuna supply chains Indonesia

Please download the factsheet with end results of the Applied Research Fund Call 2 project. »

September 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Socioeconomic impacts of innovative dairy supply chain practices: The case of the Laiterie du Berger in the Senegalese Sahel

This article analyzes the Laiterie Du Berger (LDB)’s milk supply chain and its contribution to strengthening the food security and socioeconomic resources of Senegalese Sahelian pastoral households. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
TechnoServe initiative for inclusive agricultural business models

This publication shows four case studies of large and influential food companies and agribusinesses scale inclusive business models. They show the intersection of multinational corporations and sustainable smallholder production. These projects span a broad variety of contexts: from sustainable mango production in India by the Coca-Cola Company to local rice and date sourcing in Egypt by the Kellogg Company. »

March 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Measuring food waste in a dairy supply chain in Pakistan

This article provides a first attempt to test the methodological principles of the Food Waste Protocol, using the Pakistani dairy supply chain as a case study. A FLW Standard and protocol have been developed by UNEP and WRI and Nestlé actively contributes to the development and conducted a pilot project on food waste using its Pakistani dairy value chain in 2014. »

October 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

This brief by Global Canopy Programme and The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) draws on innovative trade-flow modelling and analysis for three key agricultural supply chains in the Amazon region – soy in Brazil, palm oil in Peru and beef in Colombia – alongside multi-stakeholder interviews and group discussions to discuss trade-offs and barriers for implementing more sustainable productive landscapes in the Amazon region. »