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Youth Market Place
July 2, 2018Knowledge activity
Youth Market Place
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

During the foodFIRST conference on June 1, the F&BKP, AgriProFocus and YEP organized a “Youth Market Place” where several NGOs, networks and knowledge institutes presented their work related to youth in agro-food systems. In this article you can find details on the successful youth initiatives of these organizations. »

May 3, 2018Knowledge Portal
Migration, youth and decent work

This online course by FAO focuses on migration, youth and decent work. Migration is an intrinsic part of rural development. Yet, there are major knowledge gaps regarding its drivers, dynamics and effects on rural areas. This e-learning will help professionals to understand the linkages between migration and rural development with a particular focus on youth. »

April 16, 2018Knowledge Portal
Want to make agriculture attractive for Africa’s youth? More bitumen please

This blog explores unconventional solutions to make agriculture “sexy” for Africa’s young people. Currently, making agriculture sexy for youth is focused on increasing the profitabiltity of the sector. However, for youth it’s not just about money. »

November 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
Are prospects of rural youth employment in Africa a mirage?

This article discusses the dismissal of productive employment of youth in rural areas in Africa as a mirage largely because they exhibit strong resistance to eking out a bare subsistence in dismal working and living conditions. The authors argue on recent evidence of agricultural transformation that this view is overly pessimistic, if not largely mistaken. »

September 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Tapping the potential of rural youth

This journal discusses the need for action in the area of creating employment and income opportunities for young people. Initiatives addressing these issues from a wide range of countries throughout the world are demonstrated in this issue. »

September 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Rural youth employment

This report was prepared as an input to discussions on rural youth employment in the G20 Development Working Group. This focus on rural youth employment is essential, since youth are more likely than adults to be unemployed and a large share of youth live in rural areas. »