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July 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urban-rural linkages: Let’s revitalise the broken rural-urban linkages!

This meeting report discusses the impacts urban growth is going to have on food security and nutrition, how it reshapes agricultural value chains and how small farmers can benefit from it. »

June 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Sustainable Development Goals: Strengthening rural-urban linkages is the key for India

This blog argues that strengthening rural-urban linkages is the key to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 2 in India. Rapid urbanization brings unique challenges to rural and urban areas, including challenges to agriculture and nutrition. Yet rapid urbanization also brings opportunities. To take advantage of these opportunities, strong rural-urban linkages are needed. »

May 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
India’s peri-urban frontier: rural-urban transformations and food security

This working paper examines rural-urban transformations in India in relation to changes in food production, access, consumption, nutritional quality and safety. The authors demonstrate how efforts to address malnutrition in India are decoupled from urban development initiatives and associated areas of policy and planning and discuss the potential for peri-urban agriculture. »

April 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
How urbanization patterns can guide strategies for achieving adequate nutrition

This book chapter illustrates how understanding urban development and urbanization patterns can help policy makers prepare for and achieve better urban nutrition, including for the urban poor. To understand these urbanization patterns city size, urban infrastructures, trade and rural–urban linkages should be analysed. »

April 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food remittances: rural-urban linkages and food security in Africa

This working paper elaborates on the importance of food remittance for analyzing rural-urban linkages and food security in Africa. The transfer of funds by migrants to their home countries is at an all-time high and food remitting also has a role to play in urban and rural food security. Yet despite its importance, researchers and policymakers tend to ignore food remitting. »

February 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
From corn to popcorn? Urbanization and food consumption in Sub-Sahara Africa: Evidence from rural-urban migrants in Tanzania

This paper aims to improve our understanding of the impact of rural-urban transition from a micro-level perspective, using evidence from Tanzania. This study will be the first to assess the impact of urbanization on food consumption through comparing individuals’ food consumption patterns before and after they have migrated from rural to urban areas. »