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June 20, 2018Knowledge Portal
Partnering for value: Lessons from Public Private Producer Partnerships (4Ps) in practice

This paper outlines factors that are important for successful Public Private Producer Partnerships (4Ps) business cases. A major conclusion is that there is a sound basis for the role of 4Ps in rural development. Long-term 4Ps can contribute to development of agricultural value chains. »

January 18, 2018Knowledge Portal
Seeding eastern Africa’s maize revolution in the post-structural adjustment era: a review and comparative analysis of the formal maize seed sector

This review reviews and makes a comparative analysis of the maize (corn) seed sector and its evolution in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. Improved maize seed is instrumental to deliver an Asian-style ‘green revolution’ for Africa. »

July 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Public-public development cooperation

This report explores the potential added value of public-public cooperation between Dutch sub-national actors and their Sub-Saharan African counterparts. Over the past years, development cooperation policy in the Netherlands has become increasingly oriented towards facilitating private sector development and public-private partnerships (PPPs). As opposed to PPPs, decentralized public development cooperation has received relatively little attention. »

Report ARCH Pre-event: How to foster the impact of agricultural research and innovation for global challenges
February 15, 2016Knowledge activity
Report ARCH Pre-event: How to foster the impact of agricultural research and innovation for global challenges

On January 26, 2016, the Working Group ARCH and the European Commission organized a pre-event before the DG AGRI Conference on Agricultural research and innovation titled, “Designing the path: a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation”. »

F&BKP at Africa Works! Conference
October 22, 2014News
F&BKP at Africa Works! Conference

The Africa Works! Conference, held during mid-October in Leiden, was a lively gathering of over 850 guests from different sectors in a range of African countries and The Netherlands aimed at exploring the challenges, development and business opportunities in Africa. The Food & Business Knowledge Platform Office team used the conference to present and discuss »