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May 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Measuring postharvest losses at the farm level in Malawi

This article measures farmlevel postharvest losses for three main crops—maize, soy, and groundnuts—among 1,200 households in Malawi. To optimally design interventions targeted at reducing losses, it is important to know where losses are concentrated between the farm and fork. Farmers answered a detailed questionnaire about losses during harvest and transport, processing, and storage. The findings indicate that fewer than half of households report suffering losses conditional on growing each crop. »

April 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
Small-scale fisheries in the context of traditional post-harvest practice and the quest for food and nutritional security in Nigeria

This article examines the post-harvest practices of small-scale fisheries in Nigeria and the contribution of these fisheries to food and nutrition security. Small-scale fisheries are the dominant source of local fish production in Nigeria but receive limited policy attention. »

April 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Characterization of pre- and postharvest losses of tomato supply chain in Ethiopia

This article presents qualitative and quantitative post-harvest losses of tomato in Ethiopia. Results indicate that tomato production is done by relatively young married individuals with at least primary level education. About three-quarter of land holding is allocated for vegetable production, which largely takes place under irrigation during dry season. »

October 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
A strategy for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Volta Basin riparian countries’ post-harvest chains and regional trade

This report argues that fisheries and aquaculture are essential for food and nutrition security, employment, income generation and improved livelihoods in the Volta Basin, West Africa. This basin provides a significant number of fisheries and fisheries-related jobs, but operations face significant challenges including multifaceted issues, with inefficiencies at the upstream and downstream levels. »

July 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing food losses to protect domestic food security in the Middle East and North Africa

This article investigates several policy strategies to protect domestic food security through reducing food losses. The study scrutinizes three policy responses to rising world food prices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. »

May 25, 2016Knowledge Portal
Developing and deploying insect resistant maize varieties to reduce pre-and post-harvest food losses in Africa

This article the use of insect resistant maize varieties to reduce post-harvest loses in Africa is explored. Maize production in Africa is constrained by various abiotic (drought, soil fertility) and biotic factors (insect pests, weeds and diseases). Stem borers and postharvest insect pests play considerable roles in reducing maize yield through damaging the leaves, stems, ears, and kernels. »