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December 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Scaling up sustainable land management and restoration of degraded land

This working paper examines how sustainable land management can be scaled up and out globally. With current rates of land degradation reaching ten to twelve million ha per year, there is an urgent need to scale up and out successful, profitable and resource-efficient sustainable land management practices to maintain the health and resilience of the land that humans depend on. »

Transforming Food Systems for Improved Nutrition
July 13, 2017Knowledge activity
Transforming Food Systems for Improved Nutrition

African Union members demand the international community to support them in their ambition of a nutrition revolution. During a lunch meeting on June 29, 2017 a food systems approach was considered as key entry point to realize the ambitions of this African nutrition agenda. Please find here the highlights and full report of this meeting. »

Report Stakeholder Engagement Training
June 13, 2017Knowledge activity
Report Stakeholder Engagement Training

NWO-WOTRO and the F&BKP organized a training for research projects of the Global Challenges Programme. The training focused on stakeholder engagement: how do you engage the wider circle of stakeholders in your research? A report of the training which took place on March 30, 2017, is now available online. »

May 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
Multi-stakeholder framework for intervening in Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) seed systems: User’s guide

This working paper presents a tool, designed to help any interested person to understand root, tuber and banana (RTB) seed systems or for use during planning, monitoring, and implementation of interventions in them. RTB crops are important for food security and commerce, especially in the tropics. »

May 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Lessons from semi-arid regions on how to adapt to climate change

This blog discusses how farmers in semi-arid regions adapt to climate change and what is needed for sustained and equitable adaptation. The blog links to research done in Northern Ghana, India and Kenya, which show how farmers and pastoralists deal with the effects of climate change. »

African Journal of Rural Development Call for Papers
May 16, 2017News
African Journal of Rural Development Call for Papers

The African Journal of Rural Development has published a Call for Papers for Multi-stakeholder Research & Innovation Platforms in Agricultural Research for Development. Deadline for submission is July 15, 2017. »