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January 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Grazing systems expansion and intensification: Drivers, dynamics, and trade-offs

This article discusses the dynamics, drivers and trade-offs of grazing system expansion and intensification. Grazing systems dynamics are driven by a complex combination of socio-economic, political and environmental contexts. »

December 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Could consumption of insects, cultured meat or imitation meat reduce global agricultural land use?

This article reviews alternatives to conventional animal products, including cultured meat, imitation meat and insects, and explores the potential change in global agricultural land requirements associated with each alternative. Cultural and personal associations with animal product consumption create barriers to moderating consumption, and hence reduced environmental impacts.  »

December 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Guidelines: assessing landscape governance – a participatory approach

This manual introduces a method of assessing landscape governance in a participatory way. Landscape governance relates to how rules and decision-making address overlapping claims and conflicting interests in the landscape. »

Sugar and forestry investments in Uganda: lessons from a first Learning Platform in Jinja
December 13, 2017Expert opinion
Sugar and forestry investments in Uganda: lessons from a first Learning Platform in Jinja
Theme: Land Governance

After two Learning Platforms in Tanzania and Mozambique, LANDac and partners organized their third multi-stakeholder learning event in Jinja, Uganda on September 21 and 22, 2017. The platform in Jinja focused on two major investments in the region: one in agriculture (sugar) and one in forestry (pine trees and eucalyptus). »

December 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Scaling up sustainable land management and restoration of degraded land

This working paper examines how sustainable land management can be scaled up and out globally. With current rates of land degradation reaching ten to twelve million ha per year, there is an urgent need to scale up and out successful, profitable and resource-efficient sustainable land management practices to maintain the health and resilience of the land that humans depend on. »

Launch NLandscape: a practicioners network on landscape approaches
November 9, 2017News
Launch NLandscape: a practicioners network on landscape approaches

The Food & Knowledge Business Platform is supporting NLandscape, an informal network of over 20 Dutch environmental and developmental organizations who apply integrated landscape approaches and thinking to complement and strengthen their project design and implementation. »