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What’s new in inclusive agribusiness
April 28, 2017Study
What’s new in inclusive agribusiness
Theme: Inclusive Business

Seas of Change and the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business have launched a bumper theme on “What’s new in inclusive agribusiness”. The series is inspired by the workshop “Towards a global research and learning agenda for inclusive agribusiness”, which was held in Brighton early March 2017. »

April 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making creativity a job engine for rural Africa: Panel discussion highlights role of young entrepreneurs

This article describes the main messages of a panel discussion on youth employment in rural Africa. One of the important challenge for Africa will be to make the rural economy a place of opportunity for the young. According to the young Africans who attended the discussion, one of the reasons that this is not yet happening is the lack of investment. »

April 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Despite hardships: Women running own households provide model of empowerment and innovation

This blog discusses stories of resilience, change and achievement emerging from the testimonies of women running their own households. A recent study shows that many of the “unattached” women in the sample rated themselves as strongly empowered by their experiences with running their households and with managing their own farms. »

March 30, 2017Knowledge Portal
Soil and soil fertility management research in sub-Saharan Africa: Fifty years of shifting visions and chequered achievements

This book published describes the various concepts and approaches underlying soil and soil fertility management research in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) over the last fifty years. It argues that knowledge on soil fertility management is crucial for sustainable crop production and food security in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The book provides examples of important innovations and assesses the position of research within the research-to-development continuum, »

Learnings from the Food Connection Challenge
March 8, 2017News
Learnings from the Food Connection Challenge
Theme: Food Wastage

The Food Connection Challenge (FCC), an initiative of BoPInc and Crosswise Works facilitated by the F&BKP and IBA, was launched as a business-led response to postharvest losses in Ghana. In this blogpost learnings from organizing this Challenge, including good practices, are shared to inform similar initiatives. »

Launch fourth call Global Challenges Programme
January 20, 2017News
Launch fourth call Global Challenges Programme

NWO-WOTRO has launched the fourth call for proposals for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme on Scaling Climate Smart Agriculture. GCP aims to generate research-based advanced understanding of 1) emerging key issues in food security and their impact on regional and local food security and 2) the role of private sector development. »