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January 23, 2018Knowledge Portal
The urban agenda: Meeting the food and nutrition security needs of the urban poor

This paper explores the malnutrition situation in the urban environment and explores interventions that can be used to address it. Urbanization is expected to put an increased pressure on the global food systems. As the world’s cities expand, they are becoming home to an increasing number of malnourished people, particularly women and infants. »

October 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Global nutrition report: Towards a global governance in nutrition

This assessment critically looks at the Global Nutrition Reports. It suggests that the underlying purpose of these Reports is not so much to tackle the problem of nutrition as to generate and mainstream a certain discourse to facilitate global governance in nutrition with a view towards capital accumulation. »

July 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making governance work for water–energy–food nexus approaches

This working paper elaborates on the importance and challenges regarding governance for water-energy-food nexus approaches. The concept of the water–energy–food nexus has become widely used to help understand interdependencies among the three systems. However, governance in the WEF nexus has not received much attention in the literature. »

March 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Enabling the business of agriculture

This report argues that better agriculture regulations in low and middle income countries could go a long way towards feeding the world’s growing population and improve farmers’ livelihoods around the world. The report states that, while many countries are already home to strong, commercially-oriented agriculture, more needs to be done. »

January 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Transformation in governance towards resilient food systems

This research paper by CCAFS is the result of a joint effort among a small group of researchers to identify pathways for transformation towards sustainable food systems, which are resilient towards shocks and towards climate change in particular. Using empirical studies, both transformations in governance systems and governance of transformations were investigated. »

October 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Public-private partnerships for agribusiness development – A review of international experiences

This publication aims to improve understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of agri-Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). It provides an analysis of 70 PPP cases gathered from 15 developing countries, together with evidence from FAO’s support to the review of PPP policies for agriculture in Southeast Asia and Central America. Agri-PPPs are expected to contribute to the pursuit of sustainable agricultural development that is inclusive of smallholder farmers. »