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November 13, 2018Knowledge Portal
City Region Food System Toolkit: Assessing and planning sustainable city region food systems

This toolkit provides guidance on how to assess and build sustainable city region food systems (CRFS). It is meant to be a resource for policymakers, researchers, and other key stakeholders and participants who want to better understand their own CRFS and plan for improvements. »

European driven Food System effects on people, economies and environments in LMICs
November 12, 2018Knowledge activity
European driven Food System effects on people, economies and environments in LMICs

By assessing economic, ecological and social effects of the European role in food systems in Low and Middle Income countries, EU interventions can be improved for better impact on the SDGs, yet this demands very new ways of multi-actor cooperation. This was concluded during the round table discussion in Brussels on October 31 with high level experts from EC DGs Agri, Research and Development and various European universities. »

October 22, 2018Knowledge Portal
Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits

This article analyses options for reducing the environmental effects of the food system, including dietary changes towards more plant-based diets, improvements in technologies and management, and reductions in food loss and waste. Implementation of these measures will depend on the regulatory and incentive framework. »

F&BKP newsletter September 2018 (#05)
September 21, 2018News
F&BKP newsletter September 2018 (#05)

In its September newsletter the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) presents reports of several workshops, among them the session about the UNSC resolution 2417 on conflict and hunger; the Food Systems Approach workshop at the WUR SDG conference; and the CoP on Youth, employment and migration. »

Metrics and programming in Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture
September 17, 2018Knowledge activity
Metrics and programming in Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture
Theme: Nutrition Security

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions have the potential to improve diets if the process includes ongoing monitoring and if the targets for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) programmes are realistic and focused. This is one of the key take-aways of a workshop and an expert meeting organized by NWGN. A brochure summarizing the outcomes of both events is now available online. »

September 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Urban food systems governance and poverty in African cities

This book aims to improve our understanding of the connections between urban poverty, food systems, household food security and governance, by focusing on three cities in sub-Saharan Africa. The book argues that an examination of the food system and food security provides a valuable lens to interrogate urban poverty. »