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Food for All Talk
March 20, 2017News
Food for All Talk “Agriculture – Food – Bio Sciences”

The Food for All Talks is a series initiated by the WBG-NL Partnership and delivers new insights on strategic issues and operational questions around agriculture and food value chains for the WBG. During the second Talk entitled “Agriculture – Food – Bio Sciences”, Louise Fresco and Shenggen Fan will be interviewed. »

February 13, 2017Knowledge activity
“From Production System to Food System – What Does it Take?”

Early February, the first Food for All Talk under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership took place. Chair was Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank Group. Panelists John McDermott (IFPRI) and Inge Brouwer (Wageningen UR) urged participants to flip their thinking: from “Farm to Fork“, to “Fork to Farm”. »

RUAF analysis report “The role of private sector in city region food systems”
February 3, 2017Study
RUAF analysis report “The role of private sector in city region food systems”

Today, food security and the need for a food policy, increasingly feature on the agenda of cities and city regions. RUAF Foundation, supported by the F&BKP, has published an analysis report in order to better analyse the role of the private sector in building more sustainable city region food systems. »

January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urbanisation, rural transformations and food systems: the role of small towns

This paper reviews evidence of the role of small towns in the ‘virtuous circle’ of rural-urban linkages, and distils the key lessons for equitable food security policy that is spatially and context specific. Drawing on lessons from a set of case studies from Tanzania and other examples, this paper aims to contribute to this debate by uniting a food systems approach with an explicit focus on small towns and large villages that play a key role in food systems. »

January 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
New horizons for the transitioning of our food system: connecting ecosystems, value chains and consumers

This report by NewForesight and Commonland presents the complex challenges we face in our current food system, and highlights opportunities to forge a path towards a more sustainable future. The authors sketch an initial outline of holistic approaches that offer long term solutions while capturing net positive business opportunities with multiple returns. The main aim of this paper is to trigger decision makers in business, government, and society to form coalitions, apply such holistic approaches and drive systemic change in our food systems at scale using an ecosystem approach. »

January 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
How to green food systems in a gender-smart way: A matter of insight and smart interventions

This paper elaborates on the relation between food systems and gender equality building on knowledge, experience and good practices in the field of agriculture, climate change, food security and value chains. The authors argue that since the current food systems poses serious problems of sustainability, a solution should be sought in greening of these systems which refers to investments to improve human well-being and social equity, reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities. »