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May 10, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agriculture on the blockchain: Sustainable solutions for food, farmers, and financing

This research explores applications of blockchain across the agricultural sector, beyond the typical finance use cases. Traceability across the global food supply chain ensures food safety and is thus far the most adopted application of blockchain for agriculture. »

May 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
Private and public costs and benefits of implementing a quality-based milk payment system in Kenya

This study assesses the model of dairy processor Happy Cow Ltd as a pilot to introduce a quality-based milk payment systems (QBMPS) in Kenya that integrates smallholders as suppliers. QBMPSs could successfully control and improve the milk quality in Kenya along the dairy chain. »

February 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
How immediate and significant is the outcome of training on diversified diets, hygiene and food safety? An effort to mitigate child undernutrition in rural Malawi

This article examined the impacts of training on nutrition, hygiene and food safety designed by the Nutrition Working Group, Child Survival Collaborations and Resources Group (CORE). Undernutrition in children has been detrimental to economic and social development in low-income countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. »

December 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Where food safety meets nutrition outcomes in livestock and fish value chains: a conceptual approach

This paper proposes a conceptual approach to integrate food safety and nutrition assessments in livestock and fish value chains combining knowledge from food sciences, public health, nutrition and economics. There is increasing interest in the links between food safety and nutrition. »

Vietnam, World Bank and the Netherlands to cooperate on food safety
July 20, 2017News
Vietnam, World Bank and the Netherlands to cooperate on food safety

In Vietnam, food safety is of great and increasing importance to consumers and policymakers alike. The Government of Vietnam will intensify its collaboration with the World Bank and the Netherlands in assessing and addressing food safety risks. Prime Minister Phuc of Vietnam signed a Memorandum with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and WBG’s Country Director for Vietnam. »

March 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
Mapping of beef, sheep and goat food systems in Nairobi: A framework for policy making and the identification of structural vulneralbilities and deficiencies

In this article the authors map the Nairobi beef, sheep and goat systems structure and flows to identify deficiencies and vulnerabilities to shocks. Nairobi is a large rapidly-growing city whose demand for beef, mutton and goat products is expected to double by 2030. A mapping analysis was done in three different dimensions: people and product profiling (interactions of people and products), geographical (routes of animals and products) and temporal mapping (seasonal fluctuations). »