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food and nutrition policies

November 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
Nourishing diversity: A five-point plan to enrich our food systems

This policy brief provides an overview of why agricultural biodiversity and dietary diversity are important and what can be done to foster them. Maintaining agricultural biodiversity is vital for food security and nutrition, and to cope with the challenge of climate change. »

November 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
The European Union, agriculture, and the tropics: Public financial incentives to enhance food security and expansion of production contracts

This article frames two rapidly moving issues in the EU’s multifaceted relationship with agriculture in the tropics: 1) use of the public development funds to drive agricultural productivity and market access and 2) the adoption of private production contracts for sourcing products destined for EU markets. »

October 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urban diets and nutrition: Trends, challenges and opportunities for policy action

This policy brief explores the deepening crisis of urban malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries. Urban malnutrition will not ‘solve itself’ as average incomes increase. Without decisive action, the nutrition crisis in urban areas will deepen over the next decade in response to multiple pressures. »

October 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Robust policy needed to counter growing inequality and malnutrition across the globe

This article argues that to ensure global food supply into the future, governments must formulate sharper and more robust policy to counter inequality and climate change. From the knowledge gathered during a large-scale research program the FOODSECURE Navigator was created, an online toolbox that helps policymakers see the bigger picture. »

Launch Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies
October 19, 2017News
Launch Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies

During the third annual gathering of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), the Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies was officially launched. The online database is a valuable resource for local and sub-national governments to learn about food system policies around the globe. »

October 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
The human factor in development cooperation: An effective way to deal with unintended effects

This article argues that following the human stories in development policy and implementation can offer surprising insights into why at times policies may work or not work. Too often the human factor is relegated to an input or an externality in a quasi-technical process for transforming public funds into measurable results. »