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April 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Unlocking smallholder credit: Does credit-linked agricultural insurance work?

This paper reviews possibilities for, and experience with, credit-linked crop insurance, including different types of insurance and credit arrangements. The paper describes the main methods of linkage that are being tested or proposed, identifies the critical features of each method, and discusses the advantages and limitations for the three parties – farmers, financial service providers, and insurers. »

October 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Four strategies for overcoming barriers to agricultural financing

This highlight discusses the engagement of formal financial service providers in the agriculture sector. Less than 2% of the demand for global financing by smallholder farmers is met by financial institutions. This is due to a number of risks that are specific to agriculture. »

June 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Cultivating opportunities for women in agriculture

This blog explores opportunities for women in agriculture by means of two national surveys of smallholder households in Mozambique and Tanzania. These suggest that women face several barriers, which may prevent them from diversifying their sources of income both within and away from agriculture. »

June 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Helping women control their financial lives through digital financial services

This expert opinion discusses how digital financial services (DFS) can help women to control their financial lives. One important benefit of DFS to women is privacy. »

May 26, 2016Knowledge Portal
Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

This report by the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab and the Initiative for Smallholder Finance captures the way the smallholder finance space currently operates by describing the key actors and the nature of their interactions, and by conceptualizing these in a new “industry model.” The report identifies market frictions across the major components of the “industry model” that continue to inhibit smallholder farmers’ access to financial services and opportunities for removing them, and rallies sector actors around the need for more collective action than ever before. »

April 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agricultural value chain finance – A guide for bankers

This guide (PDF), developed by AgriFin (World Bank Group), in partnership with Bankaool (Mexico), HBL Bank (Pakistan) and HDFC Bank (India), provides a practical, evidence-based guidance to financial institutions engaging in agricultural value chain finance (AVCF). It includes a comprehensive picture of agricultural value chains to enable financial institutions to adapt financial products to the specific demands of value chain actors; and examples of field-tested AVCF products and procedures that have shown value or promise for financial institutions. »